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Go for 2 fruit and 5 vegetables

The single easiest way to eat well is to focus on eating at least 2 servings of fruit and at least 5 servings of vegetables per day.

Eating these quantities of fruits and veggies help ensure you're getting adequate quantities of various nutrients that you need, especially micro nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The great thing about going for 2&5 servings of fruits and veggies every day is that doing so tends to bring other healthy foods into your diet.

For example, when was the last time you ate a salad with a hot dog and a chips? You probably never did, because you usually can't get these foods from the same place. On the other hand, you'd probably easily eat a salad with other nourishing foods, such as roast chicken and rice.

A fantastic source of inspiration for eating those fruits and veggies is the Go for 2&5 Website.

In it you will find information about what exactly constitutes a 'serve' of fruit or a 'serve' of vegetables. It's eye opening.

What our readers say...

"Dear Dr Amanda, Thank you for liberating me from the guilt trip I've been on every time I eat and giving me the tools I needed to begin losing weight i.e. your satiety rules combined with knowledge of our body's famine reaction and fat brake. I bought your book earlier this year out of desperation, after seeing an add on facebook. I'm so glad I did, since then my husband has read it and I've bought a copy for a friend (I've never previously recommended any weight loss theory that I've read to anyone! as for yours, I can't stop talking about it to everyone I know). Although I did not begin to use it straight away, it did make me change the way I approach food and think about it. It wasn't until about 5 weeks ago that I put it into action and the weight is still coming off very easily. What I didn't have when I began the book was the right motivation to lose the weight for 'me'. After two years of trying to get pregnant with out second child and weighing in at 130 kilograms I knew after numerous tests came back negative, that my weight was the likely culprit. 5wks later I am 7 kilos lighter, and although this may not seem like much for someone who has more than 50 kilos to lose, for me it is huge. I've never lost so much weight so quickly and easily and all while eating 4 decent meals a day. Now that I've begun to eat mostly 'real' foods and cut most of the crap from my diet, I find that my body does not require such large portions so often (because it is not starving due to malnutrition!). I've gotten to the point where I no longer have to pay such close attention to my levels of hunger or satiety, my body self regulates it and I eat accordingly. I always used to watch 'skinny' people eat and wonder how can you eat so little and be full. I know find that I'm doing the same. I'm not skinny yet but my body has learnt to appreciate 'real' wholesome food. Thank you for opening my eyes. God bless you. "

- Josephine Okon, Victoria