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Over the years I've had many pairs of Mary Janes. They're flat and comfortable and the ankle strap keeps them firmly in place. Sadly, Harry my podiatrist told me that this kind of shoe is just useless, even the kind that enable you to wear orthotic inserts inside. They don't offer any support to the top of the foot.

Sturdy Mary Janes: no

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"EXTREMELY USER FRIENDLY – FOR MYSELF AND MY PATIENTS. [What I liked most about Dr Amanda’s program is that it is] 1. Clear. 2. Concise. 3. “Do-able”. 4. There is a system that is easy to implement if one is motivated (which I am!), thank you. As a medical practitioner I found the information extremely user friendly – both for myself and my patients in the future. I am leaving with re-invigoration. "

- Dr Jane Talbot, Kalamunda, WA