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Sports shoes such as these ones are the only shoes that Harry the podiatrist recommended to me. They are Brooks Adrenaline GTS10, and you can get them in a range of widths to fit your feet. The only trouble is: they only come in one color! My challenge now is how to wear this kind of shoe while wearing business attire. Maybe if more people wear podiatrist-approved shoes such as this, then they will start becoming available in a wider range of colors and it will become more fashionable to wear them.

Sports Shoes that fit your feet: YES!

What our readers say...

"Dear Amanda, I have never been overweight, but I have always had 2-5 kilos that I want to lose to fit nicely into my jeans etc. and not have a roll of fat around my stomach. I started reading your book in January 09 after the "Xmas feast panic" as I was starting to become 5-7 kilos over my goal weight instead of 2-5 kilos over (I would like to be 60k). By the end of January I started your diet as it seemed like a easy way to lose weight and a lot of commonsense, some of which I was doing anyway, as I have always exercised regularly, but I was craving fatty foods and seemed to be always fighting the famine reaction. Through listening to my body I have got rid of most of the low-fat foods and I am now eating wholesome and nutritious foods (most of the time). Your toasted muesli is fantastic, I have it for breaky most days and I do not feel hungry until 3 pm some days. I have only lost 2 kilos and 2 cm in 3 months, but I don't feel like I am on a diet and I could easily do this for the rest of my life. Thanks for answering so many questions I have had about weight loss and I will never go on another milkshake or low-carb diet again. "

- Alison Kay, Charleston, SA