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These are the shoes that I bought for myself this winter. They fitted my feet well and got a tick for most of the features I needed to look for in a shoe, according to Harry the podiatrist. When looking for shoes for yourself, it's best to have your feet measured and fitted correctly. A sports store such as Athletes Foot or The Foot Locker can do this for you. Some stores will allow you to take the shoes away with you and walk around indoors with them (and take them to a podiatrist for a second opinion), and return them if they are not completely right for your feet. The right fit for your feet is the single most important thing to look for in a shoe.

Hiking Shoes that fit your feet: YES!

What the experts say...

"Hello Dr Amanda, your book is wonderful, well done and thank you for your obvious care and dedication. I work as a Yoga teacher and Personal Trainer and have searched in vain for an answer to the frustrations of many of my clients. I adore good food and love your positive approach, no deprivation and an emphasis on quality! I look forward to sharing your wisdom and hard work with them over the coming weeks. "

- Melissa Parks, YogaGym, Port Lonsdale, Victoria