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I cannot recommend highly enough

"After a year of ill health in 2006, I gained all of the weight I had lost previously (9 kg) plus an additional 10 kg. I was absolutely devastated. None of my clothes fitted, I was bloated, uncomfortable and emotionally I did not know how I was going to go through the whole weight loss process again.

As if by way of fate, I came across The Don't Go Hungry Diet. I read it from cover to cover in a day and felt like I finally had the answer. I started the "diet" in March and was thrilled with how easy it was to follow. The only problem was that was despite what I was doing I was not losing any weight. I was absolutely crushed. There is nothing worse than feeling like a failure despite your best efforts.

That's when I contacted Amanda via email and can honestly say that without her valuable advice and support since then that I would not be following this program anymore.

I explained to her my concerns and she offered constructive and helpful suggestions (including reviewing my Success Diary) that were invaluable.

I am happy to say that due to Amanda I have finally got on the right track and started slowly but surely losing both weight and inches (my tops and pants are becoming looser each time I weigh in) and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.

I know that this is the last time I want to have to worry about my weight and I know that with Amanda's help it will be.

I cannot recommend highly enough the e-mail consulting service that Amanda provides as I know first hand how important it has and continues to be in enabling me to find a way to finally get to my ideal weight and stay there."

LR, 38, Victoria, Wednesday 4th July 2007

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What our readers say...

"Dear Amanda, On another note, just in case you would like some uplifting words with regard to the wonderful work you are doing - i made a choice last year to stop worrying about food and just eat what i wanted... and was suprisingly rewarded with being 8 kilograms lighter, despite enjoying myself so much! and i have pretty much overcome my lifelong hate for food. So thankyou for your research and for writing your wonderful book. I am slowly trying to put the word out about your book to friends and family who have had a lifelong struggle with their weight, so i'm praying they will have positive results too! Regards, Nikki"

- Nikki, Beecroft, NSW