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How to look ten years younger

Tessa, 52, lost 5.3 kilos in 16 weeks and reached her goal weight of 62 kilos during my Telephone Coaching Program. Here's what Tessa had to say about losing weight in this way.

"What I loved the most about Amanda's weight loss program is that it was so simple and so totally different to all the weight loss programs I have tried over the past 20+ years. I did not have to count points, weigh food or only eat specific foods.

I travel a lot and dine out a lot with clients so eating specific foods, weighing food and counting points does not work for me.

Amanda's consulting program helped me see my weight loss journey as exciting and positive. Amanda's consulting helped me fine tune how to go about changing my eating and exercise habits so I could lose weight almost effortlessly. I am still quite stunned about how easy it has all been. I have been trying to lose this weight for over 15 years. Also I know without any doubt that the weight I have lost is permanently lost as I have permanently changed my habits.

I have had several people (including my husband) say I look 10 years younger. Not only do I look 10 years younger but I feel it too.

Thank you Amanda and I am so glad I "found" you

Tessa Stowe
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PS: I threw out all the trousers in my wardrobe that are now too big for me. There is no going back!"

You may wonder how losing 5 kilos could possibly make a person look ten years younger. That's precisely what I wondered.

However, last month Tessa sent me her before and after photos and I realized exactly what she meant: She literally looks ten years younger.

To see for yourself the amazing difference that losing those last 5 kilos can make to your appearance, click here to see Tessa's before and after photos.

I'm sure you'll find Tessa's pictures a great incentive for getting on with your own weight loss adventure.
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