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Anne wins her race

"I started dieting when I was about 15 and have tried every diet known to man. While some diets worked in the short term, long term they haven't provided me with a way of managing my weight.

In April 2008 I weighed 83.6 kilos, the heaviest I have ever been. I decided to start a 12-month coaching programme with Amanda. Her approach of listening to your body's needs made sense. As well it was important to me to have ongoing face-to-face support.

My weight loss has been modest. I've lost about 5 kilos over nine months and am targeting 6-7 kilos for the year. I'm very happy with this and believe that as long as I can either maintain or lose weight I'm winning i.e. I'm in control of my weight."

~Anne, 57, Balmain NSW

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What our readers say...

"Hi Amanda, I would just like to thank you for all of your guidance via the book, emails and seminar which helped me to lose 7kg in order to fit into my wedding dress and feel fantastic on the day. Unexpectedly, I have also fallen pregnant (Due June 11th). I am trying my hardest to stick with your advice of eating what I feel like when I need it and so far have not experienced any wierd cravings except for the need of more carbs during the day. I am nervous about the challenge of losing the weight after pregnancy but keep telling myself that "I did it once so I can do it again!" Thanks again, Reagan"

- Reagan Seldon, Gordon, NSW