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What’s your view on nutritional supplements?

If your doctor or other health-care professional recommends that you take particular nutritional supplements for medical reasons, you should definitely take them. At the same time, find out which foods are rich in the nutrient you're taking and try to eat more of those foods. Nutrients from food are far better than nutrients from supplements.

What the experts say...

"Hello Amanda, I am a Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer and am now recommending your book to all my clients who are trying to lose weight. Several who have started the program have been as relieved and as impressed as I was to have such a sympathetic and practical reference on their journey. My philosophy is to 'set your body free' and I note that yours is 'connect with your body'. How wonderful! I believe your work will have a huge impact on the world and will help many, many people. With best wishes for great success."

- Melissa Parks, YogaGym, Port Lonsdale, Victoria