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What’s the difference between your diet and on-again-off-again diets?

When you follow the Don't Go Hungry Diet, you'll sometimes eat similarly to how you would eat if you were following a nutritionally balanced conventional diet. At other times, your Famine Reaction may be trying hard to stop you from losing more weight and you'll feel more hungry and need to eat more. While this may seem like 'going off the diet', it's very different because you continue to eat a large variety of mainly whole foods, especially vegetables and fruit, you continue to eat until you feel physically satisfied, and you continue to do regular physical activity. So, unlike going on and off conventional diets, consistently following the Don't Go Hungry Diet results in permanent weight loss.

What our readers say...

"Dear Amanda, Just wanted to say Hi before Christmas and let you know how I’ve been getting on. I am pleased to say that since I was at your workshop in May and started e-mail coaching with you I have lost 5 kilos. I know it may not seem like a huge amount in 6 months but don’t forget I hadn’t been able to lose 2 kilos and keep it off in about 7 years of dieting. The six months has also been quite a learning journey for me. I did take quite some time to really change old habits and adjust to a new way of eating and thinking. After some rigorous diary keeping I soon came to realize that I was still managing to squeeze into my diet quite a few foods that were not “real” foods. Crackers here and a couple of biscuits there when I wasn’t hungry. As I used the diary to really look at what I was eating, I also noticed that over the course of a week I might of only had 5-6 pieces of fruit, or gone a few days where my main meal had only a side serve of veggies/salad. And I noticed toast and crackers popping up everywhere in my diary. Now I feel I have a working understanding of “real” foods in my diet. I notice days when I don’t eat 2-3 pieces of fruit and a large salad/veggies. When I am ready to eat a snack I plan to have some lovely fresh fruit or yogurt, or a little cheese with celery/carrot. I’m not keeping the diary any longer in terms of satiety, but I still write down what I eat during the day and check every few days to ensure bad habits are not coming back. So thanks for the journey this year. I feel I am well on my way and will let you know when I lose the next 5 kilos! Hope you and the family have a great Christmas."

- Carolyn, Melbourne, VIC