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Is there anything I can’t eat on the Don’t Go Hungry Diet?

No. There are no forbidden foods. You can eat anything you want. The first secret is to eat wholesome foods - especially vegetables and fruit - most of the time, and any occasional indulgence won't make a jot of difference. The second secret of losing weight while eating whatever you want is to listen closely to your body signals: to eat only when you feel physically hungry,and to eat until you feel truly satisfied. When you do this, as well as do regular physical activity, you will lose weight and keep it off.

What our readers say...

"Hi Amanda, just a quick note to let you know that I lost exactly 2 kgs after one month. Much to my astonishment because I haven't been 'really' trying. As I only have 4 more to go, I know that it's going to take a while and I don't expect to lose that much next month, however it did give me a real sense of achievement and a spring in my step. Many thanks for all the tips, I completely love being able to eat my usual diet and just listen to my body. The silly season is upon us, so probably a few more glasses of bubbles than usual but that's half the fun of it right! Kind regards, A.A. P.S. my 'sometimes doubting' husband also lost 1.5kgs! "

- A.A., Port Melbourne, Victoria