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I’m struggling to lose the last 5 kilos. Any tips?

The last kilos are the hardest to lose because the closer you get to your ideal weight, the more vigilant your body becomes about preventing weight loss. The harder you try to push against your body to lose weight, the stronger your Famine Reaction becomes and the more difficultlosing weight becomes. The solution is to take it super-slow. Aim to lose half a kilo to a kilo in a month at the most, then focus on maintaining your new weight for a month or two - the longer the better. This is the best way to calm your Famine Reaction and preserve your body's ability to burn fat as you lose weight. I know this may seem unbearably slow, but if you've struggled with endless conventional weight loss programs to beat those few extra kilos, then this way is ultimately much faster. When you lose weight well, you only have to do it once.

What our readers say...

"Thanks so much for your book. I don't usually buy books like this but it put itself into my hands when I was in a department store (Target) of all places. Your information has filled what seemed to be a crucial gap in my knowledge (i.e. about the famine reaction/fat brake) and it also seems intuitively so right. Although my weight is not too much of an issue now, everything you wrote made so much sense that I lost a couple of kilos just by thinking about and getting excited about the ideas and changing a few little habits I had gotten into. I just wish I could better express how much of a revelation your book was/is. Thanks again. "

- Merilyn Lanigan, Victoria