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I already eat healthily and exercise, so why aren't I losing weight?

People sometimes say that before they learned about my weight loss method they were already doing what I say: eating healthy foods only when hungry and doing some form of regular physical activity, but that they stayed the same weight. Their question is how could my program help them to actually lose weight. The Don't Go Hungry Diet is simple but not necessarily easy. You have to be scrupulously honest and only eat when you're physically hungry and stop as soon as you feel satisfied. Writing down everything you eat as well as how hungry and satisfied you feel before and after is the only way to know if you're following your body signals accurately. If you do this, as well as continue with your nutritious food choices and do some form of regular physical activity, you'll definitely lose weight.

What our readers say...

"Dear Amanda, On another note, just in case you would like some uplifting words with regard to the wonderful work you are doing - i made a choice last year to stop worrying about food and just eat what i wanted... and was suprisingly rewarded with being 8 kilograms lighter, despite enjoying myself so much! and i have pretty much overcome my lifelong hate for food. So thankyou for your research and for writing your wonderful book. I am slowly trying to put the word out about your book to friends and family who have had a lifelong struggle with their weight, so i'm praying they will have positive results too! Regards, Nikki"

- Nikki, Beecroft, NSW