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I already eat healthily and exercise, so why aren't I losing weight?

People sometimes say that before they learned about my weight loss method they were already doing what I say: eating healthy foods only when hungry and doing some form of regular physical activity, but that they stayed the same weight. Their question is how could my program help them to actually lose weight. The Don't Go Hungry Diet is simple but not necessarily easy. You have to be scrupulously honest and only eat when you're physically hungry and stop as soon as you feel satisfied. Writing down everything you eat as well as how hungry and satisfied you feel before and after is the only way to know if you're following your body signals accurately. If you do this, as well as continue with your nutritious food choices and do some form of regular physical activity, you'll definitely lose weight.

What our readers say...

"Dear Amanda, I recently read your book a second time. The first time I read it, I was impressed but it took me another year before I was ready to seriously have a go. I am now on my third month of keeping a success diary. I have lost 4 kg, 3 in the first month and 1 in the second. I always have eaten a relatively healthy diet but I have had to learn to leave food on my plate. We grow a lot of our own food and I am a dedicated cook, so it was hard to get used to the idea that throwing food away was actually less wasteful than eating it when I have had enough. That was a big challenge, but I think I can do it now. Keeping the success diary has made me more aware of when I am up to 3+ and I can stop before I get to 4+. I was a bit disappointed to only lose 1 kg in March but encouraged by all the stories in your book and in your newsletter that losing weight slowly is the way to lose it for ever. I wonder if the slow down in weight loss is evidence of the Famine reaction setting in? In the past I would have been so discouraged at this point that I would have given up the diet. But this isn’t really a diet that I can give up, but a whole different way of thinking about eating. The really big difference to my weight loss attempts this time is that I got the exercise component. I never found ‘going for a walk’ very meaningful, so now I park the car 2kms away from the shops or wherever I am going and walk 2kms there and 2kms back, which feels more meaningful to me. I think in the past I didn’t walk for long enough to experience the benefits of walking and gave up on it because it was time consuming and pointless. Now I have lost weight and sleep better and feel more energetic. I am addicted to my pedometer and try to do 12, 000 steps 4 times a week and 10,000 the other days. I really think this is why I have been able to lose weight this time, more meaningful than my eating patterns. Thank you for your work and I look forward to reading the new book when it is finished. Sally"

- Sally, Forth, Tasmania