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How is the Don’t Go Hungry Diet different from conventional diets?

The conventional method of losing weight is to eat less, move more, and keep going until you reach your ideal weight. While it's true that the only way to start losing weight is to eat less and / or move more, the conventional approach of long-term, continuous energy restriction is now outdated.

Science shows that when you lose weight with any method, sooner or later your body's Famine Reaction is activated as a way of protecting you from losing more weight.

Conventional diets force you to work against your body in an attempt to keep losing weight. You're encouraged to resist the nagging hunger bought about by your Famine Reaction and to quash hunger pangs by drinking water or by eating vegetables from the 'free list', for instance. As a molecular scientist, we now know that these types of strategies only serve to exacerbate the Famine Reaction and make weight loss unnecessarily difficult.

Exciting new research shows that you can disarm the Famine Reaction and achieve more effective weight loss simply by eating whenever you feel physically hungry. So the difference with the Don't Go Hungry Diet is that as you lose weight and your Famine Reaction is activated, instead of struggling with unsatisfying diet portions, you simply follow your hunger signals and eat as much as you need to eat.

By eating the types and quantities of food that make you feel really satisfied (being sure to choose mostly nutritious, wholesome foods), you convince your body that there really is no threat famine. In this way, your Famine Reaction is kept in check as you lose weight; you no longer have to struggle with nagging hunger, and you no longer have to fight against nature to lose weight because your body doesn't slip into the fat-conserving mode it uses in times of famine.

In addition to disarming your Famine Reaction as you lose weight, The Don't Go Hungry Diet also helps your Fat Brake do its job of preventing weight gain. When you eat the foods that help your Fat Brake work at its best, and when you follow the signals it sends you (e.g. when you're not hungry, do something else besides eat), your Fat Brake helps you keep the weight off, automatically.

The Don't Go Hungry Diet therefore enables you to lose weight and keep it off more effectively and with less effort than ever before.

What our readers say...

"Dear Amanda, On another note, just in case you would like some uplifting words with regard to the wonderful work you are doing - i made a choice last year to stop worrying about food and just eat what i wanted... and was suprisingly rewarded with being 8 kilograms lighter, despite enjoying myself so much! and i have pretty much overcome my lifelong hate for food. So thankyou for your research and for writing your wonderful book. I am slowly trying to put the word out about your book to friends and family who have had a lifelong struggle with their weight, so i'm praying they will have positive results too! Regards, Nikki"

- Nikki, Beecroft, NSW