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How fast will I lose weight on the Don’t Go Hungry Diet?

That depends on your individual physiology. Some people may lose 4-8 kilograms a month and others may lose half to 2 kilos a month. This may seem slow compared to conventional diets which encourage weight loss of around a kilo a week. However, pushing yourself to lose weight so quickly usually results in a strong Famine Reaction that causes unnecessary hunger, weight loss plateaus and rebound weight gain.

In contrast, when you follow the Don't Go Hungry Diet, you work with your body, not against it, so your Famine Reaction never gets wildly out of hand. You lose weight with less effort because your body remains in its optimal fat-burning metabolic state. So, although losing weight by this method may sometimes seem slow compared to conventional dieting, when you look at it in the long term you actually lose the same amount of weight in the same amount of time. Because this strategy takes less effort and is more sustainable than conventional dieting, the results are more likely to be permanent.

What the experts say...

"This book will revolutionise the way we think about weight control. Everyone, including members of public as well as the health professions, should read this book."

- Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, co-author of The Low GI Diet