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Help! I gained a kilo in a week!

What were you doing weighing in so frequently? I strongly encourage you to weigh yourself only once a month. On the Don't Go Hungry Diet you eat as much as you need to eat in order to feel satisfied. This results in fluctuations in how much you eat from day to day as well as how much water your body holds. It's therefore possible to 'gain' a kilo or more in a week without gaining a single gram of fat. However, if you listen carefully to your body, eat nutritious foods and do some form of regular physical activity, underneath the daily swings in body water will be a gradual decrease in body fat. It might not show up on the scales after a week, but you'll feel it in your clothes, and after a month you'll see it on the scales.

What our readers say...

"YOUR ADVICE WAS A GODSEND. I am doing well in the weighting (waiting) game - I had lost 8kg by Xmas & have still kept it off. Your advice on letting yourself stabilise & sit on that plateau was a godsend – I stayed on my 3kg loss for ages & ages but did not lose faith this time - I just kept doing exactly what I had been doing then all of a sudden it was off again - mind you I was doing everything in my power to help it along, which I think eventually paid off!!! I still have a lot more to go but I will be happy to lose it a few kgs at a time. "

- Janice, Sydney, NSW