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Help! I gained a kilo in a week!

What were you doing weighing in so frequently? I strongly encourage you to weigh yourself only once a month. On the Don't Go Hungry Diet you eat as much as you need to eat in order to feel satisfied. This results in fluctuations in how much you eat from day to day as well as how much water your body holds. It's therefore possible to 'gain' a kilo or more in a week without gaining a single gram of fat. However, if you listen carefully to your body, eat nutritious foods and do some form of regular physical activity, underneath the daily swings in body water will be a gradual decrease in body fat. It might not show up on the scales after a week, but you'll feel it in your clothes, and after a month you'll see it on the scales.

What the experts say...

"Dear Amanda, I just wanted to write you an email to thank you for changing my life in such an important way. I was an overweight child and obese as a young adult consequently most of my life has been about battling with my weight. After losing weight with a popular weigh loss group when I was 19 I thought I had solved the problem but I was wrong. Post weight loss I could no longer lead a normal life if I wanted to stay thin. I would breakdown in tears every time I had to go out for dinner because I knew it would result in more weight gain and I began to exercise obsessively and get furious if anything interfered with my grueling regime. This abnormal behavior did not help my weight problem though and after a year of gradual gain I began cycles of starving myself, which would inevitably be followed by a binge. This went on for two years with me trying to hide my problem from people. Within 4 years I had gained 8 of the 20 kilos I had originally lost. A year ago I read your book and at first I thought it must be too good to be true because the only way I had ever known weight loss to happen was through starvation and suffering. Six months later however I decided I had nothing to lose by giving it ago. The change has been gradual. Firstly I threw out my scales then I started drinking full cream milk (something I have longed to do since I was 12 years old when I was first forced to swap to skim milk because of my weight problem). After this I worked on being able to gauge when I was full (I never had a problem gauging hunger). This took a long time because I was so used to eating carefully weighed portions. In six short months, though, the binging has stopped, I no longer have a breakdown at the thought of going out to dinner and I have already lost 4 kilos. So thank you Amanda, your wise words have given me the courage to change for good and now I know I will never have to be fat again."

- Hayley, QLD