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Can I drink alcohol and still lose weight on the Don’t Go Hungry Diet?

Yes, as long as you enjoy it as part of a varied diet based mainly on whole foods, especially vegetables and fruit. A participant in one of my workshops lost 4 kilos in three months while still enjoying the occasional Guinness. This was a welcome relief after years of all-or-nothing dieting calling for complete abstinence from alcohol.

What our readers say...

"Hi Amanda, Thank you for replying to my email. I thought I would just give you my two week update of experiences as you mentioned. It has been a great couple of weeks. I have felt positive, lighter, and more healthy. I have also noticed that I have not felt deprived of anything and not had cravings for huge amounts of foods like chocolate or sugary cakes. I have even had a couple of squares of chocolate that is in my cupboard without feeling the need to eat the whole block - a major achievement in itself. I have also found it much easier to excercise each day than I expected - going to the gym or walking and managing at least the 10 000 steps a day without too much effort. I do still wonder how it will all be once the enthusiasm of the initial time wears off - but I somehow feel this is all achieveable as an ongoing thing. The diary is an excellent tool and keeps me focused. I have learned that I previously ate even good food until I was really full, not thinking about how much I was eating at a meal. I have found that I need smaller amounts of food at a time and am generally more hungry mid mornings to mid afternoons than at any other time. I also get more hungry after going to the gym, and rather than not listening to that and not eating any more, I have more good food, until I satisfy my hunger! In terms of the statistics - I am amazed and happy. I had set a goal of losing 10 kg by the end of the year as I thought it was reasonable and acheiveable. In my two weeks I have gone from 117 kg to 113kg and from 123cm around the waist to 119cm. Amazing considering I feel better than ever and don't feel like I am missing anything. So, thank you. I am really looking foward to continuing on this journey and feel like I will actually reach my goal. Lisa "

- Lisa Alonso Love, Orange NSW