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Are your books available for the blind?

Dear Dr Amanda,

I am reading your book 'The Don't Go Hungry Diet' and want my wife to be able to read it so we can both use it. My wife is blind but can access books if they are available in a word format (the computer will vocalise the file) or of course on audio. Can the book be made available in one of these formats?

Sincere thanks,


Dear George,

Yes, certainly. Please contact Vision Australia (contact details below), who will liaise with my publisher, Random House Australia to facilitate the necessary files for your wife's needs. Happy reading!

Vision Australia Information and Library Service
Reader Services Department
454 Glenferrie Road
Kooyong VIC 3144
Tel: 1300 654 656

What our readers say...

"Hi Amanda. Well, what a wonderful 2 weeks I've had. I just love food, and cooking. So to be able to eat so well over the past 2 weeks and lose weight has just been such a thrill for me. I've been cooking recipes from lots of different cookbooks, and eaten out a few times too, and enjoyed every mouthful. Over the past couple of years I've gone on strict calorie-controlled diets, lost weight, and then gone to the other extreme eating the foods I craved during that period, and in huge portions. I'd even eat when I wasn't hungry at all, just for the sake of it. So to now be at a place where I can eat the foods I really love, like coffee with sugar (not splenda) and all types of cheese (not just cottage cheese) and yogurt (not just 'no fat' brands) and beautiful breads, is such a relief. As you can see from my attached Success Diary, I've lost 1.8 kilos in the past 2 weeks. And I know this is something I'm going to be able to continue. Having said that, I'd be open to any feedback you have on the contents of my diary. It's been really interesting listening to my body for hunger signals. Some days I've eaten every few hours, and other days I have eaten 3 small meals only, and been completely satisfied. I'm learning that I'm not generally as hungry at night, so I'm serving myself a smaller portion, and going back for seconds if I truly want it. I'm also aware that I eat a lot more when I travel down to Melbourne to spend time with my Dad and sisters. So I need to be aware of that for next visit. I think this will become easier over time. Thank you so much for this gift! I've even got my two sisters reading your book now. With thanks, Ramona"

- Ramona, Sydney, NSW