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Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, co-author of The Low GI Diet

This book will revolutionise the way we think about weight control. Everyone, including members of public as well as the health professions, should read this book.

What our readers say...

"Hi Dr Amanda, I bought your book at the start of this year (2008). I had decided to embark on a bunch of life changes as I was diagnosed with depression again, and losing weight (again) was one of them. I tried out the principles of your book just after a bout of low calorie dieting, so I didn’t really find they worked. I was straight into famine, so my weight didn’t go down, it actually went up after a month. So, I tossed your book to one side with all of my other weight loss books. After that, I tried a few other conventional weight loss strategies again, but with no luck. Stuff it, I finally declared, I’m just going to do the best I can with what I’ve got. I used to work as a cook and had always been good at cooking yummy recipes with fresh ingredients. I was over bouts of eating restrictive calorie controlled foods that weren’t very nice, or blowing the diet with bucket loads of McDonalds. I was just going to eat what I wanted and focus on getting good food into me, weight loss be damned. And then I lost two kilos in one weekend. I actually didn’t believe the scales, but I had my boyfriend check them for me and they were correct. After sitting on 134 kilos for months and months, I was now down to 130 kg. I picked up your book and reread it. In the past two months I have eaten whatever I wanted, as long as I am only eating because I am actually hungry, not to pick myself up, for fun, or just because it feels good. I find now that I don’t feel nauseous because I am forced to eat weird food combinations, or stuff I don’t want but know will fill me up. I still exercise and always notice extra weight loss when I do more exercise than normal, and hope to build myself up to an hour a day again and I am now down around the 127 mark. I lost 7 kilos in two months! All while eating more than I did on my calorie-controlled diet, not feeling awful and tired all the time, and instead feeling that my body and I are on the same side for once. I hit the Famine response two days ago, I woke up feeling like I had a cold, was so tired and cold (in Darwin?) and achey and more depressed and realized, this is just my body fighting the weight loss, I just need to hold tight and get through it. I ate wayyyy more than normal (home cooked and nutritious) and found I was almost nauseous if I didn’t get onto getting myself some food as soon as I realized I needed it. I fed the famine response and then today I woke up and felt fine. I felt happier, I felt more energetic (did a bunch of house painting) and a lot less hungry. I had pineapple for breakfast instead of a monster bowl of cereal and fruit. It just feels so great to be able to do right by myself and my health and not feel so awful. I am so glad I found your ad on Facebook and have found advice that so perfectly matches my symptoms and experiences, and shows me the way to deal with them healthily. And I am right in the midst of one of my crappier bouts of depression right now, which I hope means it is something I can sustain for life. Thanks so much. "

- Sally, Darwin, NT