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Dr. Amanda Information Portal


Social media services for small business.

Australian Blues Festival

The Australian Blues Music Festival showcases emerging and established, confident and capable Australian blues artists with industry 'meet & greet' forums and an all-star pro jam.

Canberra Club

Available for wedding receptions, corporate events, and other celebratory functions, The Canberra Club, Canberra's oldest social club, is the choice venue for an elegant evening.

Conveyor Pulleys Australia

CPA has the best range of professionally engineered conveyor pulleys for bulk materials handling. An Australian owned company providing quality engineered systems worldwide

Lorenzo Motor Lodge

Travelling to New Zealand? Rest assured with the convenience of checking room availability instantly online at Lorenzo Motor Lodge, Christchurch. Superb rooms, superior service.

The Lobby: The Experience

For you next special event, choose Canberra's premier establishment (weddings, exciting family celebrations, business events) The Lobby Restaurant. Exquisite Food, superior service and an intimate dining experience, The Lobby is the right choice.


For all your business' project needs, MyTechPL has you covered with a wide range of resources to help you succeed

WBI :: The World Bank of Ideas

WBI Network brings a wealth of insight in design, production, management and marketing skills at the cutting edge of technology, constantly updating their world bank of ideas awaiting your new invention.

The Massage Oil Shop

For a healthy, happy and prosperous lifestyle, it's not all just about diet. The Massage Oil Shop (a division of Health Shop Australia) celebrates the sense with essential, physiotherapy, romantic and sensual oils.

Eclipse Handcrafted Furniture

The simple pleasures in life are often the best. Eclipse Furniture creates beautiful and timeless hardwood lounge & bedroom everyday pieces made to order for your unique home forever.

Only Natural & Organics

Quality, purity and committed to the global organics industry, Organic Factory Outlet offers natural healing jojoba based skincare, luxury body & effective beauty creams, health and cleaning products and more.

TSS Company Security and Industry Metal Detectors

A leader in design, development, strategy, manufacturing and distribution of quality industrial machinery, Transmission Supply & Service Company TSSCO can help your business with security metal detectors and more...

Impressionable Kids - Capturing Your Child's Individuality

If you want to create a special impression of your family and children's history, talk to the baby hand and feet sculpture specialists at Impressionable Kids.

NETS Newborn & paediatrc Emergency Transport Service

Newborn & Paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS) provides a critical emergency role with the challenge of co-ordination, stabilisation, treatment and movement of very sick children.

Chris Tinning & Company

If you are selling or buying your hotel, motel or pub, talk to the expert people with experience, know-how and great customer service renowned throughout NSW: Chris Tinning & Co.

Floral Frenzy Melbourne Florist: Flowers and Gifts Delivered For You

If you plan to send beautiful and unique flowers to your loved ones, you'll forever love the custom selection at Floral Frenzy florist (Surrey Hills, Melbourne) sending flower arrangements worldwide.

Body Corporate Strata Group

Body Corporate Strata Group is committed to easing clients' community strata living.

Jamison Flowers

Got guilt? Get flowers. Jamison Flowers. The Canberra region's favourite apology.

What our readers say...

"Hi Dr Amanda, I recently found a copy of your book 'Don't Go hungry For Life'. I had been doing well in my weight loss recently, & just like to keep an eye on the various theories etc from time to time. I had gained a lot of weight having my 5 children over 8 years (plus 4 miscarriages), & in the past, each time I had tried to lose weight...I got pregnant again! I am 157cms tall, & when I was younger, & dancing, right up to my mid-20s, I was generally around 50-55 kgs. Once I started having kids, I would go all the way up to 90+kgs. Anyway, February last year (2010), at 83 kgs, I got serious, started reading every idea, wacky or plausible, trying things on for size, so to speak. If something worked, & wasn't too painful, I'd keep it until I hit a plateau, then I'd change something - anything. I kept a written record of food, hunger, my cycle etc, & anything else I thought relevant. I was weighing myself very frequently as I hadn't bothered at all before. I had been suffering with the usual things that go with being heavy - lethargy, tiredness, mild depression, unexplained skin rashes at times. So it wasn't just my weight I was trying to fix. So, by June last year, I had lost a few kilos, felt a bit better, but wasn't going forward as well as I wanted. I joined an online challenge to give me a boost, & kept trying different theories. So, while I didn't 'yoyo' through this, I did try cutting out whole food groups, counting calories, sticking to set limits per day. Anything that I couldn't see myself holding onto long term I abandoned. I ended up winning third place on the online challenge - a nice bonus - & by the end of last month I had lost a total of 17 kilos in as many months. A great result, but not at my goal yet. So when I picked out your book, & another which kind of came close to your approach, but not quite as committed, I was pleasantly surprised to see on the pages, the science behind what I had arrived at. Not only that, it gave me incentive to get back to the written record, which I had stopped, & the clues regarding hunger & satiety as scales to learn helped tweak my approach, so that now, 3 weeks since I started reading, I have doubled my weight-loss rate, from an average of 1 kilo a month, to 1.5 in those 3 weeks! The exercise portion of your approach has been taken care of by the fact that last November, I started back in the workforce, after 15 years at home, home-schooling our family. I now work in a busy supermarket, where just getting to the office from my department (I counted) takes at least 120 steps, plus stairs. I do this trip & back at least 5 times every day, as well as heavy lifting of stock etc & general walking about the store. So I wanted to thank you for sharing your research & story, I tend to find if I understand the 'why' of something, I remember it better. Your book has definitely explained why what works, does, & why what didn't, doesn't! Have a great year. "

- Mari, New Zealand