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Melanie Greenfeld

Registered Psychologist, Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Location: Leederville (45 Oxford Close)
Phone: 0411 033 918

Melanie works in private practice as well as conducting group therapy workshops.

She specializes in emotional eating behavior and aims to assist clients to break free from their struggle with food and weight. She does this by helping her clients to feel an enhanced sense of self-acceptance and self-worth, enabling them to care for themselves in a nurturing rather than a punitive way.

Melanie works with her clients to explore and understand the emotional reasons for their compulsive eating, and assists them to develop more effective methods of dealing with these emotions. They are then better able to regulate their eating behavior and develop healthy life-style habits.

Melanie encourages her clients to reject dieting, release their guilt and work with their bodies. She has completed intensive one-on-one training with me on my scientific principles and coaching methods.

What the experts say...

"Dear Amanda, Rose and I wanted to thank you for the 2 lectures we had with you for our Weight Loss Practitioner’s Diploma by the Medical Register of Australia at Westmead Hospital.  The lady we had for tonight's class was great...but we want YOU back!  Your lectures truly changed the way we think about the whole subject of weight loss, metabolism, diet, etc - and how clever our bodies are at prompting us through all those things to keep us alive. Hope you're having a fabulous week doing the great work you do, and are loving changing lives one at a time! Hope we can keep in contact."

- Matt & Rose De Pomeroy, Personal Trainer & Exercise Physiologist, Sydney University