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Lisa Ansell

Accredited Practicing Dietitian
Location: GP Axis Seaford, 672-680 Grand Boulevard, Seaford Meadows SA 5169
Phone: 042 293 7355

Since my first book The Don't Go Hungry Diet was published, an extraordinary number of people from Adelaide have registered for my newsletter upon 'recommendation by a dietitian'. In addition, every now and then I'd receive a thank you email from someone in Adelaide who'd lost an impressive amount of weight with the help of a dietitian and my book.

So when Lorraine from Adelaide contacted me last month thanking me for my book that her dietitian had put her onto, I knew that it was time for me to find out who this legendary dietitian was so that I could let you know about her!

With that, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Lisa Ansell, an Accredited Practicing Dietitian who graduated with a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics from Flinders University in 2006. What I appreciate in Lisa's philosophy is that she became a dietitian because of her own love of food. She wanted to be able to help people to learn how to develop positive relationships with food, and to understand that healthy eating doesn't have to be hard or boring.

Lisa explains how she incorporates the principles of my book The Don't Go Hungry Diet (DGHD) into her practice as well as into her own life.

I was thrilled to discover the DGHD as it provided an answer as to why traditional calorie controlled meal plans don't work for all people.

A client's weight and dieting history usually gives me clues as to whether the DGHD is for them. Those who have tried many different "diets" are usually more open to the DGHD method, as they have done the structured meal plan thing over and over again, and have seen through experience that it's not the long-term answer. Also, if they tell me about their frustration with weight plateaus in their previous dieting experiences it alerts me to the fact that they may have quite a strong famine reaction, and I give the DGHD as an option to combating this.

When I take people's diet history, if it seems quite healthy but they are still not losing weight, I then usually ask them questions about whether they eat when they are not hungry, or eat past being satisfied. If they answer yes, then I will discuss the DGHD with them, and see if it appeals as an alternative method of weight loss.

I use the DGHD method myself! Although I am of a healthy weight, I find from time to time that the kilos start to creep on and I like to nip them in the bud before 2 kilos become 20. I use the DGHD and success diary to get myself back on track, and it works every time!

If you're ready to change and you'd like Lisa's help in your weight loss adventure (part of the cost of which may be covered by private health insurance or Medicare depending on your circumstances), please contact her using the details given above.

What our readers say...

"Dear Dr Amanda, this is the first time I have written to you but really felt the need to tell you what a positive impact your book and newsletters have had on me. This newsletter is no exception – the article on the Famine Reaction is an eye opener to me – I have felt it and experienced it and didn’t know what it was. As the article indicates, I tried to “fight” it and figure out what was “wrong” with me. As I answered the questions you suggested, I realize that it was a feeling of being “out of control” and so fearful to give in to the message my body was giving me – fear that if I ever started eating I would never stop! While I would still like to loose about 10 pounds, I am delighted to say that after a lifetime of dieting/binging and having NO freedom in eating (I am 60 years old), I am finally listening to my body and trusting it to tell me what it needs. And ………………. the result is that I truly desire healthy nutritious foods most of the time, but at times want something that used to be on “no way” list. As I listen to my body I am experiencing the ability to have a limited amount of something (like chocolate) and not binge on it. This is just amazing to me! Thank you for your wonderful support. "

- M.R., Canada