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Find a coach near you

The following is a list of health professionals and weight loss practitioners who have completed the 2-Day Professional Training Program or equivalent one-on-one coaching with Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis and who have said that they are available to see patients/clients.

They are listed by state and health professional category in alphabetical order. ** Please see note at bottom of this page.

New South Wales


Shannon Brodie
Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Qualified Chef
Location: Stanmore NSW
Phone: 0490 029 004


Ginette Lenham
B App Soc Sc (counselling) M.A.C.A, PCA
Location: Sydney CBD
Phone: 0418 481 112

Weight Loss Practitioner

Lorraine Oro
Location: Cronulla to Bondi Junction (along the Illawara train line)
Phone: 0417 020 908

Western Australia


Melanie Greenfeld
Registered Psychologist: Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Location: Leederville (45 Oxford Close)
Phone: 0411 033 918

South Australia


Lisa Ansell
Accredited Practicing Dietitian
Location: Ashford Specialist Centre, Suite 22/ Level 4, 57-59 Anzac Highway, Ashford
Phone: (08) 8227 1000

** The appearance of names on this list is not to be taken as a recommendation. These health professionals have completed the 2-Day Professional Training Program with Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis and have said that their approach is consistent with the Don't Go Hungry approach to weight management. Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis and Zuman International take no responsibility for the actions of these professionals, nor do we ensure compliance by them with the Don't Go Hungry approach.

Trained Professionals

What our readers say...

"BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS I HAVE LOST A FURTHER FOUR KILOGRAMS. I am fifty-one years of age and since I have been about thirty years of age I have been on diets where I have lost weight over a short period of time and then regained the weight plus back again. At the beginning of this year I put myself through the same rigor not having any beer and eating nothing but rabbit food for about seven weeks. During this period I enrolled on a course held by the Sydney Community College, which had included in the subject matter “loose weight and keep it off”. After loosing nine kilograms on my crash diet my weight had plateaued by the time I attended the seminar presented by Amanda. I was astonished by the revelations that Amanda pointed out in relation to diets. Having a broad spectrum of foods, having foods as natural as possible and listening to the needs of my body, all backed up with scientific research made the impossible dream of keeping the weight off a reality. I have resumed a normal life again after my crash diet and am now following the rules of [The Don’t Go Hungry Diet] and I now drink premium beer (less processed) and eat a broad spectrum of foods and listen to the needs of my body and beyond my wildest dreams I have lost a further four kilograms. I have never lost weight before whilst having beers. "

- Patrick Boyle, Rozelle, NSW