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Once you become accustomed to it, losing weight by connecting with your body is extremely liberating.

Get a head start in your weight loss adventure by private coaching with me via E-mail.

Alternately, find a health professional or weight loss practitioner near you who's been personally trained by me in the Don't Go Hungry approach to weight management.

Money Back Guarantee

All of my own coaching work comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied that my support will help you to lose weight and keep it off.

Six-Month E-Mail Coaching Program
How to start one of Dr Amanda's coaching programs
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What our readers say...

"FREEDOM FROM THE MENTAL OBSESSION OF TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. [What I liked most about The Don’t Go Hungry Diet is] that it’s not about deprivation! It makes sense from a biological / organic evolutionary sense. Hopefully I will experience the freedom from the mental obsession that “trying” to lose weight is. It focuses on having to tune-in & listen to your body – it’s not marketing something unnatural like processed “diet foods”. Genuine. I didn’t feel I was being given the big “sell” so to speak, more the passing on of “wisdom”. Your warmth and energy is evident. Thank you. "

- Chris McCabe, Summer Hill, NSW