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Sweet 16 and never been kissed. But then, why would anybody want to do a thing like that? I was too busy hating myself for bingeing and feeling fat and awful in shapeless oversize men’s shirts.

May 1985

What our readers say...

"YOUR ADVICE WAS A GODSEND. I am doing well in the weighting (waiting) game - I had lost 8kg by Xmas & have still kept it off. Your advice on letting yourself stabilise & sit on that plateau was a godsend – I stayed on my 3kg loss for ages & ages but did not lose faith this time - I just kept doing exactly what I had been doing then all of a sudden it was off again - mind you I was doing everything in my power to help it along, which I think eventually paid off!!! I still have a lot more to go but I will be happy to lose it a few kgs at a time. "

- Janice, Sydney, NSW